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What is green manure?

This involves sowing plants and flowers to naturally enrich the soil and help microbial life.

In the vineyard, we work with a dozen different species in a mixture in order to have the best relationship between biomass, competition vis-à-vis the vine and honey species. Vetch (specific flowering plants), clovers (from Alexandria), oats, rye, phacelia, mustard, flax and barley cover our plots.

Sowing is carried out in early autumn before the harvest using a seed drill pulled by a beautiful Comtois mare (draft horse) called Gamine. The plant cover is buried at the level of the row at the end of winter to prevent the herbs from being in contact with the young shoots of the vines and the inter-row will be mowed just after the flowering of the honey species so that the bees can make the most of the pollen.