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The vineyards

“Living in the middle of the vineyards in Cornas, we have always made it a point of honor to preserve this environment and to work in harmony with nature. It is essential that vines, insects and animals of all hairs and feathers coexist and thrive. For many years, “organic” methods have been applied to the vine and Laure Colombo has launched in 2012 the organic certification process for our estate, (officially called ECOCERT in Europe), effective since the 2015 vintage.”

Zero pesticides.

We do not use any pesticides or herbicides in our vineyards. A thick layer of organic materials covers the soil of certain plots to limit erosion, maintain microbial life and a satisfactory humidity level. This ground cover also helps to slow the growth of plants competing with the vine for the assimilation of water and nutrients. On other plots, it is our horseman Daniel with his mares that breakup the surface between the vines.

Preservation of flora.

Planting and preserving native plants on the edge of vineyards offers protection from the winds and promotes biodiversity.

Preservation of wildlife.

We try to promote the habitat of the native fauna by leaving spaces wooded and by placing nest boxes for chickadees and bats across the vineyard.

Zero irrigation.

Irrigation is banned in all AOP areas of France, which forces the vines to create deeper root systems and allows an expression of the pure terroir, which is characteristic of each year, as established by nature within that year of production.