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Cornas biodiversity

Reinforce the harmony between flora and fauna

The AOP of Cornas, in coordination with that of Saint-Péray, decided in 2018 to lay the foundation of a vast project to better understand its biodiversity and protect its unique expression coming from the vineyards.

On our side at the estate, and for more than 30 years, Anne Colombo has worked to plant trees around our vineyards. All our plots are surrounded by hedges made up of local species (Saint Lucia Cherry trees, Downy Oaks, Ash trees, Holm Oaks, young Junipers, etc.). We also limit the tilling or manipulation of the soil in order to preserve the natural vegetal growth within our vineyards which is thus the refuge of many insects. We have also installed in the winter of 2018, bat shelters (around fifty) and chickadee nest boxes (around 200)   in the heart of our plots to further strengthen the harmony between the flora and fauna of our estate.